Code: E375002 Programming for WEB
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Mgr. Petr Klán CSc. Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: KZ
Department: 12110 Credits: 4 Semester: S
This subject presents advanced programming of WWW pages.
Basic knowledge of HTML (at least few tags, i.e.<a...>, <p>, or <img...>) is required and repeated on the first lecture. An introduction to Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) is included. Client-side programming in JavaScript is explained with an active use of intensive computations and object oriented programming. In order to apply database techniques, server-side programming in PHP is explained simultaneously combining XHTML, JavaScript, php and SQL. Project-based learning will be applied in this course with an application development on some free web server. Subject web page: http://iat.fs.cvut.czt/web/cv/en.htm
1.Free-web servers, Internet free services. Repetition of basic html tags. Basic file formats - pdf, tex, graphics - jpeg, gif, archives - zip, tar, tgz.
2.html, xhtml, xml. Czech language encoding - CP1250, ISO-8859-2, unicode (UTF8 and UTF16). Greek symbols in html.
3.dhtml, styles (css), plug-ins, images
4.Forms - post, get. Form submitting
5.Javascript - forms with scientific calculations, variables, functions
6.Javascript - absolute allocation, div, event handlers onmouseover and onclick
7.Javascript - objects
8.php and its relation to perl, python, C and java. Basic principles of php programming.
9.php - get and post methods, transfer formats
10.php - calculations, functions, procedures, server files processing.
11.php - graphs, libraries of applications
12.SQL, MySQL functions and their use in php programming
13.Advanced Web projects, client - server applications, server - server relations
14.Apache and MySQL installation, configuration files and their setting with stressing good and safe functions.
Recommended literature:
Many php tutorials are on internet; for individual tasks, selected web pages will be recommended if student will be interested in particular information. For the training, examples are on . Well-maintained web site with many tutorials (including Javascript, php) is .
html, xhtml, php, MySQL, SQL, web, www, javascript, css, styles